DJI Repairs


Stacked it!      Drilled it hard!      Gone swimming!


Cracked Inspire arms! Broken Phantom shell! Busted gimbal! Not a drama.
We have heard it all! Embarrassing and frustrating, but not to worry, you won’t be the first, and you certainly won’t be the last. Even the pros have their day.

DroneRepairs is located at our Mernda DJI Shop. Specialising in DJI Phantom, Inspire & Industrial applications including Matrice and Spreading Wings platforms.
We carry out all repairs typically within 2-3 business weeks.

Your bird will be carefully inspected, troubleshooted & quoted for by a qualified aircraft engineer. Our qoutes can be expected to be forwarded to you for approval within 7 days of arrival.

All work is independantly checked after completion and in accordance with our DroneMode qaulity checklist. Final flight test conducted by a CASA Approved, UAV certified operator. All work is coupled with a 3 month Warranty.